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24 Years of Serving the Filipino People

The Business

Established in 1994, Largen Med., Inc. is a Filipino pharmaceutical business organization built with major focus on the discovery, research and marketing of highly ethically promoted and effective prescription medicines centered on patient compliance and convenience. Our framework lies on our team of united, professional, responsible, motivated, disciplined people working for the ultimate benefit and welfare of the Filipino patient through our immediate response in beating medical innovations by continuously working on research and providing solutions to major health concerns.

Our accessibility is governed nationwide both in our span of selling and distribution operations. Interestingly, our core strength is positioned based on our existing product portfolio that delivers expert therapeutic benefits ranging from parenteral IV (intravenous) nutrition solutions aligned with Nutraceuticals covering major assigned clinical areas of Surgery, Internal Medicine, OB-Gynecology, Pediatrics and Dermatology, to chemotherapeutics, cardiovasculars and anti-infective lines.

Our financials are strong and sound. Our office facilities and logistics are modern and up-to-date. All our people are highly-driven with the belief in the excellence of their profession, well-trained and technically well-supported to pursue the company’s plans and programs.

Our presence is respected and valued by the medical community and our trade partners.

Largen Med Values

We are committed in building creative and efficient teams capable of the highest output in promotion, sales distribution and representation to the market by providing high standard pharmaceutical and food products through setting achievable goals, constructing strategic plans and artistic methodologies.

Our vision is to be a proficient pharmaceutical Filipino owned company that promotes health and wellness of the consumers by bringing the highest quality of food and drug product lines globally.

We are passionate to our work and business as giving our heart to the company.

We develop our products by gathering new ideas through continuous research that will satisfy our customer.

We honor our colleagues, clients and community as we commit to our consumers 100% satisfaction and guarantee them high standard food and drugs products.

Adaptability to change
We drive ourselves to practice mobility in a world where times are changing lightning-fast, open to more challenges and finding new ways for improvement in beating today’s new trials.

Our employees are knowledgeable and skillful to empower them by making a decision towards their work and stand on their own.

When representing the company, employees should dress and act appropriately. Employees should dress in a manner which presents a professional image to the public and is respectful of others.

Customer Focus
We acknowledge our clients as the reason for our success in business and we want to value them through providing services that goes beyond their expectation.

We value our mission and vision so we perform our job very well with the people that have a same mindset.